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Professional & Friendly teacher.
Private piano lessons & group music.

Piano Private Lessons

Playing an instrument is to express yourself musically.

Musical expression needs to be trained so you can develop a good sound and appropriate musical expression from the start of your learning journey.

<Private Lessons>

Private lessons provides focused attention to lead and manage your musicality so you can continuously develop your skills and express your musicality maturely.

Beginner: $80 / hour

Intermediate: $90-$100 / hour

Advanced : $100-$120 / hour

Music appreciation class & group

This program helps children discover the joy of classical music.

A typical program looks like this :

- How to enjoy classical music

- Effective understanding of musical phrasing.

- Expression of loud and week sounds (dynamic).

- Exposure to various instrument sounds (such as the orchaestra) and classical composers

- Hearing training.

Group lessons

1 session - 12 classes

(Each class is for 50 minutes)

Tuition Fees : $600 / Session

* One time fee - $35 (including masterials)