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Teacher Profile

Grace Lee

I have loved playing the piano and music since I was a child.
As a result of this.
I worked hard and got senior admission to my music program and graduated early.
During my graduate school years, I got many requests to lecture at various place such as colleage and art high school.


Bach of music ; Chungang University
Master of music ; Chungang University

Work Experience

Order of
- Lectured at the Hannam university and Daejeon Art high school.
- 100% of the Art high school graudates I thought was qualified was all able to apply and attend prestigious music colleage with my guidance.
- Music education lectures for middle and high school teachers nationwide.
- Experience in maintaining the No1 newly registered for over 10 years lecture at Lotte / Hanwha department store cultural center.
- Researcher at the institute for the gifted in music.
- CEO of solmi academy for music gifted students.